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The Moot Society of Sri Lanka Law College is proud present the H V Perera QC Memorial Moot Court Competition on the 5 th , 6 th , 7 th and 8 th of April 2018. The H V Perera Memorial QC Moot being the pioneering International Moot Court Competition in Sri Lanka and the first if its kind intends to set an important milestone in the history of the Moot Society of Sri Lanka Law College. Laying the foundation for this significant venture the Moot Society organised the National Moot Court Competition in 2017 which was the first ever national level moot court competition that provided a great opportunity to young law students to nurture their argumentation and memorial writing skills. In continuing this initiative, we are pleased to extend this invitation to your law school/university to be part of the first International Moot Court Competition held in Sri Lanka. This year the competition will be based on Commercial Law Arbitration. Arbitration is a preferred choice of dispute resolution within the sphere of international commercial transactions due to its speed, ease, flexibility and cost effectiveness. With projected increase in volume of commercial transactions globally with emphasis on the fast emerging markets in Asia, developing advocacy skills relating to arbitrations amongst law students is thus of paramount importance.

About Sri Lanka Law College

The Sri Lanka Law College functions under the Incorporated Council of Legal Education (under the Incorporated Council of Legal Education Ordinance No.2 of 1900) to administer legal education to persons who desire to be enrolled in the Bar of Sri Lanka. The Law College is the only Institution which offers a professional qualification leading to admission to the legal profession. Today although other Institutions (eg. University of Colombo, the Open University of Sri Lanka, University of Jaffna and University of Peradeniya) offer academic courses leading to a degree or other academic qualification relating to law, in order to become eligible to practise the law one must gain admission to the Sri Lanka Law College as provided for in the Rules of the Incorporated Council of Legal Education. Thus, the Law College is the only gateway to the legal profession in Sri Lanka. Members of the profession are called Attorneys-at- Law.

About the Moot Society

The Moot Society is an organisation that encourages students of Law College to participate in mooting and other skills oriented activities in the English language. It also supports, facilitates and regulates the organisation and development of mooting, client consultation, publication of the Law College Law Review and other related activities in English medium within, and for the students of Sri Lanka Law College locally and internationally. The Moot Society has also created the space for students to facilitate practical exercises of which the end result would be the sharpening of social skills and other soft skills such as presentation, advocacy and court room ethics.


HV Perera QC Memorial Moot Court Competition 2018

Activity Date
Open Registration 1st October 2017
Release Of Moot Problem 22nd November 2017
Final Date of Payment of Registration Fee 29th November 2017
Close Registration 29th November 2017 : 12.00 pm
Last Day To Submit Clarifications 22nd December 2017 : 12.00 pm
Answers To Clarifications 30th December 2017
Soft Copy of Written Submissions 22nd February 2018 : 12.00 pm
Hard Copies of Written Submission 1st March 2018
Moot Competition 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th April 2018


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